Custom Built Hovercraft

We are always in the process of construction of new hovercraft.  Custom order or purchase a finished machine.


River Survey & Cleanup

We can provide transport to remote, shallow or hard to reach areas for a wide range of services.


Demonstrations & Ride Operations

Looking to add a wow factor to an event or provide hovercraft rides?  We have experienced pilots to impress a croud!


Remote Access & Water Survey

We have helped customers in the past access marsh and shallow water for maintenance needs.  From Power & Communication line maintenance at river crossings to shore line tree and debris removal.  We also service and install dock and pier systems.  Call us to discuss your unique situation! 563-349-8739

We are also a Tree Removal and ground maintenance business!

Some of our services include but not limited to: Storm Damage Removal, Tree Pruning, Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, Land Clearing and more.  View our other website at QuadCityTrees.com


Contact Us

Or you can email us using the link below or by sending us a message on Facebook via our Facebook page www.facebook.com/customhovercraft